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5 Body Building Tips for Women

Have you noticed that more and more women are lifting weights in the gym? Chances are your fitness goals are getting stronger and more muscular while capturing that feminine look.

There was a time when women moved away from resistance training, like the plague, because they did not want to develop the kind of muscle that made them masculine and unattractive. Not so today Bodybuilding for women has acquired a whole new meaning. There are ways women can build their bodies and build enough muscles to create a softer, sexy and curvy figure.

You can easily access the female figure by making smart changes in your exercise program. Here are five bodybuilding tips for women:

1. Use Heavy Trucks

It is important to know that it is difficult to build muscles. This means that women have to challenge themselves in the gym. Hard work means staying away from light-weight pastel dumbbells and lifting a ten-pound dumbbell instead. Do not worry about the dough. Women do not have enough testosterone in their body to do it.

You can expect to earn a half pound of muscle a month. Do not be discouraged when you notice that your weight is increasing. A pound of soiled muscle takes up less room in your body than a pound of fat. Your weight may then increase, but it will look smaller with more curves.

2. Choose the Right Kind of Cardio

Training at high-intensity intervals as it divides excess body fat. This is one of the best bodybuilding tips for women who want to lose abdominal fat.

You can perform high-intensity interval workouts with any form of exercise and spend only 20 minutes on your full workout. The training consists of alternating thirty seconds as hard as possible, followed by ninety seconds at a slower pace for you to recover. You repeat this cycle seven times more. Always start with a 3-minute warm-up and a 3-minute cooldown.

3. Carbohydrates Are Your Friends

Many women stay free of carbohydrates when they participate in a weight loss program. However, carbohydrates are an important part of your bodybuilding diet. The key points to remember are the control and the time of the piece. For example, it’s important to have a serving of carbohydrates before and after your weightlifting workout to feed your muscles as they repair and grow. A large amount of protein is also important.

4. Fats Are Good for You Too

Contrary to what most women believe, you must eat enough fat to lose fat. Fat is a macronutrient that has the least influence on the secretion of insulin (fat storage hormone). Healthy fats in the diet will help you cope with hunger and improve the taste of food. Calories from fat should be 25 to 30% of total daily caloric intake. The best types of fats are fish oils and olive oil.

5. Get the Curved Buttocks

nice assEvery woman wants more curvilinear muscles for the buttocks. To achieve this, however, the correct exercises are necessary. The best types of exercises are heavy lunges, one-leg squats, hamstrings and biped squats. Add these four to your schedule and be amazed at how quickly you can get great support.

If you’re struggling to get the body type you see on the covers of fitness magazines, do not despair. …

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Interesting facts about FaceTime

Android users might not be familiar with FaceTime, but Apple users understand the use of FaceTime. Users of FaceTime get the advantages of phone services without necessarily having a phone line. With FaceTime, you can make audio and video calls without any interruption. All you need to do is to get a Wi-Fi connection or a cellular connection. Apart from installing it on your Apple mobile device, we can now download  FaceTime for PC and you can install it on your computer. Before you think of installing it on your FaceTime on your device, take time and understand these facts.

Facts about FaceTime

Landscape video call

When making video calls, one thing that you can never ignore is the portrait. The landscape portrait is something that makes it stand out from the other video chats. It has a way of ignoring the background and focusing on the face of the person on the video chat. This is something that many people love because it creates that personal feeling when making video calls. It makes the video call look personal, and this is what makes it better than all the other video chats.


Integration with your phone book

FaceTime has a way of integrating itself on the phonebook of your Apple device. It uses the phone number and e-mail addresses in your phone book to connect you to your family, friends, and associates. Unlike most of the video chats that provide you with screen names, you will notice that FaceTime is very different from the rest. The use of phone numbers and e-mail addresses, makes it feel personal and professional.

Running in the background

The fact that FaceTime runs in the background means that you can still to know the person that is contacting you even when you are not online on the site. When you get a call, you can hear the phone call just like with the normal calls. Your Wi-Fi connection and cellular data only need to be on so that you can get the connection.


Easy to use interface

Once you get a communication platform, the worst thing that you can do trying to figure out how it works. You need a platform that makes it easy to access all the services that you need. With FaceTime, it is easy to make and receive phone calls because the interface is user-friendly.…

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A Guide To Buying The Best Microphone For Music Concerts

Most music fans find live performances to be the most interesting and way of enjoying music. As a musician or someone into music, you have every reason to give your audience the very best. One of the most important things every public address system should have is a good microphone. It is imperative to have a quality unit because average mics can be awful. That said, here are some important features to look for when shopping for a microphone.

Factors to consider when buying a microphone

Type of microphone

There are two main types of microphones, dynamic, and condenser asQASDaqmicrophones. Condenser microphones are rarely used by most artists when doing live performances. Instead, most of them prefer using dynamic microphones. Why is this? Ideally, dynamic microphones are known to have a wider pickup range than that offered by their counterparts. Moreover, they also tend to respond better when it comes to sound pressures and minimize distortion. Distortion can be a huge setback during any live performance.

Wired or wireless

Both wireless and wired microphones have their pros and cons. Of the two, wireless mics are highly preferred. As much as most music performers are following this route, you do not have to go this route considering that some wired units tend to provide better qualities. In this case, the decision to choose a wired or wireless microphone should be a matter of personal preference.

Stability and overall build

The overall build of the microphone is an equally important consideration to look at when buying a microphone. Ideally, a good unit should be somehow rugged and tough. With a rugged microphone, you do not have to worry about dropping it a couple of times on the stage as most rappers do. The overall build of a microphone assures you that all will be well as much as the microphone is concerned.

Type of performance

aSdQAAsDSAs much this is not a feature of the microphone, the kind of performance also matters when choosing a microphone. For instance, a microphone used for vocals might not be the best for the guitarist. For a drummer a drummer, you might require a mic with a high sound pressure level musically known as the SPL.

One of the many secrets to having a successful music concert lies in having the right musical instruments. Borrow a leaf from the maiden tour 2013 and see the value of having the best musical instruments. Buying the best instruments might be costly, but it is certainly worth it.…

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Ultimate Guide To Web Hosting

Having a domain name without a reliable web host is like having a SIM card but no phone. In a nutshell, web hosting refers to services that assist a website or blog owner to share or add content that is visible online. Web hosting is achieved through the use of servers that run at high speeds and that allow one to download or upload content with unlimited space. Professional web hosting offers ultra-fast stable internet connection and is reliable due it has redundant power supplies. Therefore, the ultimate guide to web hosting involves;

Choose a domain


A domain name is a unique name that is given to the IP address of a business or blog. The domain name takes a unique extension that is customized to identify the type of entity. The most common domain extensions are .com, .org, .ac, and .edu among others. Having a domain name ensures the online visibility of a website or blog online. A “brandable” domain name distinguishes an entity from all others.

Understand types of web hosting

There are several types of web hosting services available to the website owner. These include; Shared, Dedicated and Virtual Private Servers (VPS). These options cover large, medium and small websites and can support different levels of traffic numbers at a given time. The size of a website is determined by the number of visitors to the site every month. Shared hosting is common among entities that run small businesses or individual blogs. Dedicated hosting uses a single server and supports a single website optimizing its performance. Moreover, VPS hosting or cloud hosting involves networking multiple computers as a single resource with data or information highly protected privately.

Check compatibility and software options

It is essential to understand the Domain Name System (DNS) protocol which is how computers exchange data while using the Internet. As a result, one can use the nameservers to record time to live. Additionally, checking whether the software is compatible with Windows or Linux operating systems ensures one chooses the best web host who provides a wide range of web hosting control panels.

Choose the best web host


After understanding the types of web hosting available one can then choose a reliable web host who will anchor domain name online. Therefore, to choose the best web host one has to consider the space allocated to bandwidth or traffic as well as storage. Moreover, it is prudent to consider the processing power and speed of the servers. This improves the quality of services and uptime experienced by the web hosting service user. Additionally, it is wise to choose a host who offers the best customer services.


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Choosing the perfect computer repair shop

Having your personal or business computer fixed when broken is crucial to your personal productivity. To maintain your workflow, you have to ensure that you get the best quality of repair, and have your computer in perfect working condition. This is why you need to select a repair technician or shop carefully. In this post, we will look at what matters when selecting these repair services.

Selecting the perfect computer repair service

Number of technicianskjbskjdbvkjsabdkjvbaksjdbvkjbsadkjvbkjsadvad

Delivery time is also a significant concern that you should consider. Especially if the computer is being repaired in a shop, make sure that there are enough technicians to keep up with the demand, hence be able to deliver yours in good time.


One of the top ways to look for repair services is to search online. To better utilize this method, it is crucial to ensure that you check the location where the service is being offered. The ideal service shop should be nearby, and at least accessible by road. In the case of long distance, make sure they have a working mailing system where you can send them the property and have them send it back once it is repaired.


The computer world is broad, and within it, there are various areas of specialization. When a computer breaks down, there could be some reasons to that. The two most notable areas are software and hardware. Make sure that the shop or person offering the repairs has the needed expertise.


You need to make sure that your computer is insured against further damages while still under repair. Categorically ask the repair providers on what their policies on damages caused during repair are. This will help ensure that you do not incur extra costs.


Everything, be it a service or good, comes down to the price. This is a very important factor and should be taken seriously. You have to get a budget, and also make sure that you are not taken advantage of. Before you make the repairs, make sure that you get quotations from different shops and go for the best price.

Customer satisfaction

The best and sure way to tell that the service offered are of the best quality, it to take your time and look for referrals, reviews, and portfolios. All this will give you is access to opinions of the other customers and their approval ratings. From that, you can easily determine the quality of the services offered.

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Benefits of electric cars

The world has come to depend on fuels, and this is why most economies are controlled by it. For instance, a drop in oil prices in the Middle East, will mean that people in Africa live a better life. That is how dependent people are on fossil fuel. Amid all this crisis, there is hope at the end of the tunnel, electricity.

Electricity is perfect given that there are so many ways to produce is, and most of them are clean and good for the environment. Methods such as geothermal, hydro-electric, solar, and the wind are great ways to produce energy. The best thing about these methods is that they are not controlled by human interest, as they are readily available and can be harnessed by anyone willing to. It is for this reason that electric cars make a lot of sense.

The advent of electric cars

Using electricity to drive vehicles is not a new technology it is as old as petrol engilksdanlkvnlksandvlkaslkdvnlkansdvksadvsnes. Back then, fuel was seen to be more practical, especially as it offered more range. However, of late, advancements in technology have seen the electric car come back.

Currently, an electric car can match up the performance of their fuel powered counterparts, in all regards. Even though there is still room for improvement, it is safe to say that electric vehicles are ready for the twenty-first century. What they have to offer is what makes them even better. Let’s have a loot a look at these advantages.

Benefits of electric cars

Cheaper to run

Compared to the other available alternatives, electric vehicles are cheaper to run. The cost of electricity is far cheaper compared to using fuel.

Easier to maintain

Electric vehicles have very few moving parts compared to their fuel powered counterparts. This makes it much easier to maintain them. Most parts are plug and play so they can be easily swapped making it easier for the mechanic to work on them.

Good for health and environment

The reason as to why there is global warming is because we have been burning fossil fuel for a very long time. This releases harmful fumes into the environment which create the greenhouse effect, and dangerous to the respiratory systems of living organisms. Electric vehicles have zero emissions, hence best for the ecosystem.

Energy security

As mentioned earlier, a crisis in an oil producing country could mean chaos in other dependent countries. With electric vehicles, every country can secure their energy security and promote their independence.

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