A Guide To Buying The Best Microphone For Music Concerts

Most music fans find live performances to be the most interesting and way of enjoying music. As a musician or someone into music, you have every reason to give your audience the very best. One of the most important things every public address system should have is a good microphone. It is imperative to have a quality unit because average mics can be awful. That said, here are some important features to look for when shopping for a microphone.

Factors to consider when buying a microphone

Type of microphone

There are two main types of microphones, dynamic, and condenser asQASDaqmicrophones. Condenser microphones are rarely used by most artists when doing live performances. Instead, most of them prefer using dynamic microphones. Why is this? Ideally, dynamic microphones are known to have a wider pickup range than that offered by their counterparts. Moreover, they also tend to respond better when it comes to sound pressures and minimize distortion. Distortion can be a huge setback during any live performance.

Wired or wireless

Both wireless and wired microphones have their pros and cons. Of the two, wireless mics are highly preferred. As much as most music performers are following this route, you do not have to go this route considering that some wired units tend to provide better qualities. In this case, the decision to choose a wired or wireless microphone should be a matter of personal preference.

Stability and overall build

The overall build of the microphone is an equally important consideration to look at when buying a microphone. Ideally, a good unit should be somehow rugged and tough. With a rugged microphone, you do not have to worry about dropping it a couple of times on the stage as most rappers do. The overall build of a microphone assures you that all will be well as much as the microphone is concerned.

Type of performance

aSdQAAsDSAs much this is not a feature of the microphone, the kind of performance also matters when choosing a microphone. For instance, a microphone used for vocals might not be the best for the guitarist. For a drummer a drummer, you might require a mic with a high sound pressure level musically known as the SPL.

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