Interesting facts about FaceTime

Android users might not be familiar with FaceTime, but Apple users understand the use of FaceTime. Users of FaceTime get the advantages of phone services without necessarily having a phone line. With FaceTime, you can make audio and video calls without any interruption. All you need to do is to get a Wi-Fi connection or a cellular connection. Apart from installing it on your Apple mobile device, we can now download  FaceTime for PC and you can install it on your computer. Before you think of installing it on your FaceTime on your device, take time and understand these facts.

Facts about FaceTime

Landscape video call

When making video calls, one thing that you can never ignore is the portrait. The landscape portrait is something that makes it stand out from the other video chats. It has a way of ignoring the background and focusing on the face of the person on the video chat. This is something that many people love because it creates that personal feeling when making video calls. It makes the video call look personal, and this is what makes it better than all the other video chats.


Integration with your phone book

FaceTime has a way of integrating itself on the phonebook of your Apple device. It uses the phone number and e-mail addresses in your phone book to connect you to your family, friends, and associates. Unlike most of the video chats that provide you with screen names, you will notice that FaceTime is very different from the rest. The use of phone numbers and e-mail addresses, makes it feel personal and professional.

Running in the background

The fact that FaceTime runs in the background means that you can still to know the person that is contacting you even when you are not online on the site. When you get a call, you can hear the phone call just like with the normal calls. Your Wi-Fi connection and cellular data only need to be on so that you can get the connection.


Easy to use interface

Once you get a communication platform, the worst thing that you can do trying to figure out how it works. You need a platform that makes it easy to access all the services that you need. With FaceTime, it is easy to make and receive phone calls because the interface is user-friendly.…

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