Ultimate Guide To Web Hosting

Having a domain name without a reliable web host is like having a SIM card but no phone. In a nutshell, web hosting refers to services that assist a website or blog owner to share or add content that is visible online. Web hosting is achieved through the use of servers that run at high speeds and that allow one to download or upload content with unlimited space. Professional web hosting offers ultra-fast stable internet connection and is reliable due it has redundant power supplies. Therefore, the ultimate guide to web hosting involves;

Choose a domain


A domain name is a unique name that is given to the IP address of a business or blog. The domain name takes a unique extension that is customized to identify the type of entity. The most common domain extensions are .com, .org, .ac, and .edu among others. Having a domain name ensures the online visibility of a website or blog online. A “brandable” domain name distinguishes an entity from all others.

Understand types of web hosting

There are several types of web hosting services available to the website owner. These include; Shared, Dedicated and Virtual Private Servers (VPS). These options cover large, medium and small websites and can support different levels of traffic numbers at a given time. The size of a website is determined by the number of visitors to the site every month. Shared hosting is common among entities that run small businesses or individual blogs. Dedicated hosting uses a single server and supports a single website optimizing its performance. Moreover, VPS hosting or cloud hosting involves networking multiple computers as a single resource with data or information highly protected privately.

Check compatibility and software options

It is essential to understand the Domain Name System (DNS) protocol which is how computers exchange data while using the Internet. As a result, one can use the nameservers to record time to live. Additionally, checking whether the software is compatible with Windows or Linux operating systems ensures one chooses the best web host who provides a wide range of web hosting control panels.

Choose the best web host


After understanding the types of web hosting available one can then choose a reliable web host who will anchor domain name online. Therefore, to choose the best web host one has to consider the space allocated to bandwidth or traffic as well as storage. Moreover, it is prudent to consider the processing power and speed of the servers. This improves the quality of services and uptime experienced by the web hosting service user. Additionally, it is wise to choose a host who offers the best customer services.


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